This new educational leash (for dogs from 5 to 100 kg) exists in six different powers to select according to the weight and to the specific strength of every dog. It is composed of a nylon part with handle invarious lengthes and colors and of an elastic gum part (provided with a bronze snaphook which adapts itself on any necklace or harness).

This educational unique leash will help the master to quickly educate its dog, with no pain for the dog and no tiredness for the master.

The special elastic will absorb the strength of the dog when it pulls and return it against the dog, to the master advantage. It will allow him to take physical and psychological influences on his dog,  giving the illusion that he becomes superior in strenght, resistance and perseverance and thus ” the pack leader” the one to respect and obey.

The principle of this education based on the dominant / dominate relationship, between the master and its dog, is approved for a long time and applied by all the educators and the professional trainers.

This innovation received a gold medal at the competition « concours LEPINE » and was tested then approved by the dog unit of the police headquarters of Paris.


1 – Shock-proof function :

Today, every time your dog pulls on a leash, you systematically feel violent shocks in hands, arms, shoulders and  back, that often cause pains and tendinitis.
With this new leash, you will have an exceptional comfort, because every time your dog abruptly pulls on its leash, it will not pull any more, just as a rigid leash, and an elastic part which  will absorb all shocks. It will also avoid you to be surprised, to lose the balance or risk to fall by losing the control of your dog. Your dog will have the impression that you become more stable and more watchful than before

2 – Reduction function of the pulling force of the dog :

Today, when a dog pulls on a leash, the master has to have a strength at least equivalent to the dog to manage it, which is not always the case. The dog pulls in front of, often by taking behind him its master it is more the dog who walks the master. With this innovation, you will not be anymore taken when your dog will hardly pulls on its leash. The elastic gum will absorb more than 50 % of the dog’s strength by accumulating it largely in the elastic and not just totally on the master. This function will allow you to better check your dog, even if it pulls very hardly on its leash. It will also give the sensation to your dog that you become the strongest. The shock pool function gives you the time to place and balance your legs.

3 – Reminder function automatic :

Today when a dog pulls on a leash, the master constantly remove it behind to try to educate it to walk at the foot. Considering that dogs are often very stubborn, all the masters have necessary not enough strength, patience, perseverance and resistance to educate certain dogs. Even those who possess all these qualities, have to fight and get tired to manage to educate certain dogs. This new leash equipped with its elastic compatible with the strength of the dog has for principle to use the strength of the dog against itself to put it automatically behind. Indeed every time your dog will hardly pull on its leash, he will spread the elastic (30 cm at the best) and will feel immediately

4 – Educational function :

The principle of this education is based on the dominant / dominate relationship between the master and the dog. During the walk the dog will have the impression to fight against the master became superior to it, while it fights in reality against itself. The master will gradually obtain the respect and the admiration of its dog, which will soon consider him as its ” boss of pack “, the one who orders and to whom he owes the respect and the obedience. The dog will then stop challenging the authority of its master by pulling on its leash.

When your dog pulls moderately but constantly on its leash, during all the walk, hold the dog close to you, on the side and never in front of you. Re-concentrate its attention on your will.

Now with your new educational leash, you can educate quickly your dog to obey and to respect all your orders,  beginning with a quiet and relaxed walking, without pain or psychological trauma for your dog and without fatigue or particular strength for you.