Method to use for a faster and long lasting education

We deeply recommend you not only to be satisfied with the first help this leash gives during the walk . Even if your dog pulls on a leash for years and even if it seems impossible for you or too late to educate it . The behavior can be corrected with this educational leash in a few weeks if you follow carefully the method to use it.

1-The position of the dog :
During the walk, maintain the dog close to you and never in front of you. The head of the dog has to be at the level of the knee of master.
For it hold your leash with two hands: a hand in the handle and the other hand on the elastic, as close as possible to the carabiner. The hand which holds the elastic will have to maintain the dog on the side, as back as possible.

2- Reprimands :
As soon as your dog starts pulling on its leash or has unwanted behaviour  (growl, barking, aggressiveness, excessive agitation or change of the speed or the direction) reprimand immediately your dog by giving him a small but very energetic shock on its leash and its necklace by using the arm which holds the elastic. If needed, repeat several times this gesture and stay calm, until your dog obeys you and walks to the same speed as you, without pulling at its leash. After every reprimand, relax immediately the tension on its leash by relaxing the arm which holds the elastic, if you keep your leash in constant drive on the neck of the dog, you will transmit it.

(show the video 1)

3) Demonstration of a strength Superior at the dog :
When your dog is too much restless or nervous and pulls very hardly on its leash, stop immediately with a right position to balance the body .

Let leave and pull your dog by releasing the elastic while making slide your leash in the hand which held it. While the dog stretches out the elastic, maintain this position by holding firmly your leash with both tense arms forward. When the dog spread the elastic at the most of its strength (and before it returns alone behind), pull hardly on its leash with both arms

Your dog will go backward with a doubled speed and strength compared to the ones used to pull. You can add ordre to this gesture for the dog to stay at the foot.

(show the video 2)